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Purple and white giftboxed beeswax candles
Red and purple beeswax candles giftboxed
Red and white giftboxed beeswax candles
Red and pink giftboxed beeswax candles
Red and green giftboxed baby tree candles
Beesy Candles

Miniature conical candles giftboxed.

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This has been one of my top selling gifts for years and years; I think that people appreciate the lovely organic tree shapes as much as I do! Also, who doesn't like small and cute?

Please note that due to the giftboxes being handmade too, the pattern and colour of the paper used will vary from that shown in the photos.

Each of these four handmade pure beeswax candles measures around 5cm (2 inches) tall and will burn for about 0.75 hour. (Extend the burning time by burning the candles on candleholders with spikes.)